Major activities of the Company are as follows:

  • Provision of service and technical maintenance of mobile drilling rigs «Cardwell» КВ200, АЕ 520 «Bentek», «Kremco», «Cooper», «Franks», «IRI» etc.; power units and transmissions of drilling and fracturing pumps.
  • Fulfillment of full service range of repair and technical maintenance works for all type of products «Allison Transmission», «ZF» etc.; power units «Caterpillar», «MTU», «Merсedes», «Detroit Diesel», «Cummins».
  • Capital (current) repair of power units «Detroit Diesel», «Сaterpillar», «Cummins», «Mercedes».
  • Capital (current) repair of transmissions «Allison», «ZF» etc.;
  • Capital (current) repair of hydraulic systems «Parker», «Bosch Rexroth», «Denison».
  • Capital (current) repair of pneumatic systems.
  • Repair and technical maintenance of motor cranes DEMAG, LIEBHERR, TEREX.
  • Delivery, assembly and maintenance services for safety devices for motor cranes and pipe laying equipment.
  • Assembling of rotary drive, emergency drive, hydrodynamic brake systems, emergency evacuators, auxiliary gins.
  • Fulfillment of drilling equipment modernization with substitution of transmissions and power units of previous versions for the new ones.
  • Capital (current) repair of hydrodynamic brakes «Parmac» etc.
  • Capital (current) repair of power take-off devices «Chelsea».
  • Capital (current) repair of hydro cylinders of all types.

Our metal processing machines and high level specialists allow to fulfill the recovery and production processes for original parts using individual drawings and samples.

Our Company has the facilities equipped with diagnostic equipment, special tools and testing of repaired and recovered engines and transmissions, pneumatic systems Bosch Rexroth, Uchida, Parker;  hydraulic equipment Parker, Denison, Sauer Danfoss etc., original spare parts warehouse, technical documentation and, what is the most important, is being implemented by trained and qualified personnel.

Capital repair fulfillment technology for the units at our service facilities includes complete disassembly, defect identification, assembling with damaged and worn out parts substitution followed by tests at the facilities.

Units and devices recovered by our Company get the Certificates in accordance with the forms defined by «Allison Transmission» and «Caterpillar» with the official 6 months guarantee. Our specialists participate in assembly and start of the units with personnel instructions and training.

Despite not very long history of our Company, our flexible pricing and fast delivery and repair terms have contributed into our Company's success having more than 30 contracts with the major oil and gas sector businesses in Russia and former CIS countries.